Production & Operations

MBA in Operations/Production Management unravels a bright and promising future for its candidates. The MBA in Operations Management program presents with an experience-based education and skills, unlocking immensely rich career choices and opportunities. Such a degree combines education with real world examples and case studies pertaining to the business world. This programme is useful for professionals in the manufacturing sector like production and process engineers, quality control engineers, facility engineers, health and safety executives, IT specialists and marketing executives.

Graduates will develop the necessary expertise and leadership skills needed to manage a manufacturing plant. This include knowledge in certain aspects of general business management including human resources, accounting and finance, strategic management and quality management.


MBA in Operations/Production Management helps candidates learn real-world skills that are applied in careers in manufacturing, retail or even service organizations. This programme will provide graduates with advanced management jobs in the manufacturing industry and other related businesses. These include positions like departmental managers and plant managers. Graduates who already have the relevant industrial experience may also choose to be consultants or build their own consultancy companies.

The highest salaries earned by MBA in the United States come from specialization in this field. At the end of this degree, you will have a fair idea of how to run the company operations in the most effective manner. You will have learnt all the basic concepts in managing business such as development, product creations, distribution, logistics, quality control and analysis of the entire process of production. The production within the company is episodic, comprising of many steps. The Operations/Production Management major familiarizes with the entire procedure of production. After having built a profound understanding, you are able to run all the operations smoothly by leading different teams under your belt. This eventually expands the success ratio of the company to a considerable proportion.