Marketing Management

One of the most desired specializations which can give you the job in hrs.

Marketing requires specialized knowledge and training, and that knowledge and training requires something not easily obtained with long and intensive academic preparation.

In consumer marketing, it is assumed that we are all consumers, and therefore, market requirements are easily understood. The challenge then becomes creating a position for your company or products in that market place. If your chosen market is a consumer market, this approach may lead to success.

In non-consumer or industrial markets, market requirements can be very specific and are generally known only to the some users of the products. Users of products often migrate to the marketing organizations of suppliers in such markets.

A technologist or user migrating to marketing does not automatically become a professional. Such a person may have a significant short-term advantage in understanding market requirements. However, markets change, and professional marketing people know how to keep track of the changes.

Marketing requires highly specialized knowledge of how chosen markets operate and how to get a company to be successful in its chosen markets.

Marketing professionals know:

  • What kind of market they work in & How their chosen market functions
  • Who and where their buyers are & How to find out what their need
  • How to get their company to meet those needs
  • How to provide the sales tools and training necessary for success
  • How to create Awareness of their company and products & How to create Differentiation of their products in their buyers' minds
  • How to create Preference for their products
  • How to manage and control their existing products to optimize market share and profitability
  • How to plan and present new products to increase market share

The salary:

Starting at about Rs.15000/- a month for entry-level positions and more than imagination for chief marketing officers in the C-suite of large corporations.

The challenges:

This isn’t a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. gig. To succeed, marketing professionals need to constantly be on top of innovation and trends. As well, as in most industries, marketers need to do more work with less money.

Misconceptions :

There’s no job security and the role isn’t as attractive as it seems. It’s completely wrong- 'If you have visions in your head about travelling the world and going to exotic locales to film commercials, give it up. At the beginning of your career be prepared for long hours, heavy data analysis and limited appreciation of your contributions.''

Opportunities available in:

Brand Management

  • Brand Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Product Development Manager

Market Research

  • Market Research Director
  • Market Research Manager
  • Market Research Supervisor
  • Market Analyst

Public Relations

  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Public Relations Director
  • Corporate Communications Manager
  • Book Publicist
  • Press Secretary


  • Sales Executive
  • Sales manager
  • Guest relations