Financial Management

An MBA in Finance is said to be the most sought after specialization. Even the ongoing global slowdown has not stopped big finance companies from recruiting and paying good salaries. The proof is this year’s various business schools placement reports, which saw maximum recruitment by the Finance and banking sector. In fact recently in a World Economic Forum-India Economic Summit it was said that India job market is insulated from the global economic crisis. This definitely promises a secure future for job seekers especially in the finance sector, when the organizations will be focusing more on their financial resources and management.

An MBA degree with specialization in finance trains on variety of subjects that prepares an individual to gain an important position or take charge of the finance department of any organization efficiently.

A candidate who has done MBA in finance has an option of working with leading banks or with leading Non-banking Finance Companies or leading Finance Companies other than Banks. They can also work as a securities analyst or work with brokerage firms and deal in Foreign Currency transaction either in bank or in a manufacturing Company. The candidate may be involved in fields such as accounting and auditing.

A finance career is best started off with an MBA degree in Finance. Specialization prepares you for a variety of career paths such as management of financial institutions as also non-financial organizations, investments and securities brokerage, financial analysis of investments and general management positions.

Opportunities available in:

bulletsAsset Management

bulletsCorporate Finance

bulletsCorporate Banking

bulletsCredit Risk Management

bulletsDerivatives Structuring

bulletsHedge Fund Management

bulletsPrivate Equity



MBA Finance teaches a student accounting, economics, banking and market structure etc which are all vital to any enterprise. Thus an MBA Finance degree offers many more job opportunities than any other MBA specialisations, because the implementation of ideas in any company or organizations is rooted in Finance and its management. Some of the advantages of doing your specialization in MBA Finance are:

bulletsIncreases the job opportunities

bulletsHigher salary packages

bulletsHelps in career advancement

bulletsOption to choose from variety of career paths

bulletsHelps one to start one’s own business

bulletsComfortable office/bank work environment

The Salary:

Salary is no bar for the appropriate candidate, but it is initially start with 15000-20000 in cities like Aurangabad.


bulletsMBA Finance jobs involve a lot of routine work. It is documentation heavy and can get routine, mundane work often

bulletsTough competition as every year thousands of MBA Finance graduates are produced

bulletsPressure of result oriented performance

Personal Abilities:

The finance specialization requires a student to have some basic qualities such as strong analytical-reasoning skills, quantitative aptitude, problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills, decision-making skills and proficiency in the use of computers are useful for aspiring finance professionals.

Specifically he or she should be:

bulletsComfortable with numbers

bulletsHave attention for details

bulletsComfortable with routine heavy documentation